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Convenient power in your spaces

One in ten people charge their phones in public places every single day. With phones becoming more app-driven and therefore power-hungry everyday, people are finding they need to stop, refuel, and recharge more and more often. Convenient power attracts footfall and increases opportunity to engage and interact with customers while they enjoy their experience.



Attract higher footfall and increase revenue by driving traffic to your venue


Wireless charging is habit forming – customers will keep coming back to charge


Use convenient and seamless experiences to delight your customers

Give your customers convenient power to stay connected

Your guests want convenient wireless power so they stay connected. Brands leading with great guest experience are deploying wireless charging now to meet the demands of today’s mobile-first customers and are reaping the rewards.


Cloud-managed for complete peace of mind. Simple.

We are masters of deployment, offering the best options to seamlessly integrate into your carefully designed spaces. Cloud-connected software means you have access to analytics and insights showing you how your spaces are being used, all with the peace of mind your service is always working so your customers don’t have to tell you – it’s as simple as that.

With management taken care of, you will save on service and maintenance costs, including truck roll – all impacting your bottom line.

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Boost customer experience

Smart wireless charging provides a unique digital touch point for engagement, and SmartSpots can be used to trigger these experiences. By integrating apps or other retail technologies and blending customer data with behavioral data from wireless charging, a deeper understanding of space usage can be had. This leads to insights about how to personalize and further enhance the customer experience.

Smart, seamless experiences for your venue

Engage with location-based services

Get to know your audiences

Targeted advertising

Send notifications to existing apps

Make your spaces amazing

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