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Seamless, smart wireless power

Chargifi SmartSpots keep classrooms, lecture halls, and library desks uncluttered to avoid unsightly mess and even trip hazards. Students, staff, and visitors can charge their wirelessly charging mobile devices without needing cables or adapters. Wireless charging is simpler, safer, and more attractive.

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Smarter campus with actionable insights

Wireless charging is a unique touch point to engage with students and staff. Our platform also delivers real-time space occupancy, hyper-location, and dwell time data, turning big data into valuable insights, allowing you to see which areas are used the most.

Chargifi’s enterprise-grade Cloud Platform enables real-time monitoring and remote management of SmartSpots, giving you peace of mind and lower maintenance costs - this means in the event of a problem, you can find out about it first, the issue can be checked and often solved over the air.


Engage with your students, boost student experience

Smart wireless charging provides convenient power that helps students stay connected throughout the day.

With Chargifi Connect, the Chargifi SmartSpots act as a trigger for other smart applications and devices to create a smart, responsive environment for your students.

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Smart meeting rooms

Chargifi SmartSpots act as physical touch point to activate a smart meeting room and simplify meeting routine. A student or staff member can book a room and unlock a screen all at once by just placing their phone down to charge.

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Space utilization

Chargifi Cloud gives insights on real-time spot availability and insights on underutilized facilities.

Chargifi Connect also integrates with Aruba Meridian to help students or visitors easily find their way around the campus and locate available study areas instantly.

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Student attendance

Chargifi Connect can integrate to a University portal to track student attendance. Simply by placing a phone on a Chargifi SmartSpot, a student can be automatically checked into a lecture.