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Keep fans connected with convenient power

Easy access to power and Wifi are no longer a luxury - fans who pay today’s ticket price expect to have the basics of wifi and convenient power included. Chargifi SmartSpots keep bars and VIP suites uncluttered to avoid unsightly mess and even trip hazards.

All charging spots are installed seamlessly by our expert partners. You can also choose the branding of the SmartSpots according to you or your brand sponsor’s preferences.

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Actionable insights on customer behavior

Wireless charging is a unique touch point to engage with customers. Smart wireless charging gives unique insight into behavior data, such as hyper-location and dwell time, providing revenue-increasing opportunities as you learn where those customer hotspots are.

Chargifi’s enterprise-grade Cloud Platform enables real-time monitoring and remote management of SmartSpots, giving you peace of mind and lower maintenance costs - this means in the event of a problem, you can find out about it first, and
the issue can be checked and often solved over the air.


Boost fan experience through deeper engagement

Mobile apps are the most efficient tool in to engage fans during a live game, bringing them closer to the players. Smart wireless charging provides a unique digital touchpoint around a service that fans really need.

By connecting apps or other cloud software, customer data can be blended with behavior data, giving a deeper understanding of customer behavior and actionable insights on how to personalize and enhance the fan experience.

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Frictionless experience

A frictionless, but functional experience for fans, driving app downloads as fans use the app to unlock power. Adds a valuable amenity to areas such as VIP suites and media lounges.

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F&B revenue opportunities

Chargifi SmartSpots integrate with apps, allowing fans to order food, drinks, and other services directly from their device while charging, creating a completely seamless experience.

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Smart meeting rooms

Chargifi SmartSpots act as physical touch point to activate a smart meeting room and simplify meeting routines. Guests can book a room and unlock a screen all at once just by placing their phone.