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From wayfinding and mobile tickets, to powerful Wi-Fi connectivity and cashless payments, the stadium of the future will be underpinned by a truly digital approach to fan experience. The foundation to this experience is power, because non of these experiences happen without power. The key is to keep fans connected, and by providing convenient power they always stay powered-up.

Give your fans what they want: Convenient power to share their experiences

Fans in your stadium want to capture and share the incredible moments happening in your stadium. Give them what they want; give them the power to make sure they never miss sharing that special moment by providing them with convenient wireless charging in your venue.


The perfect VIP experience starts with power.

Treat guests in VIP areas, suites, and corporate boxes to the best experience possible by making sure they know that all of their needs are catered for. With no need for power cables or inconveniently placed sockets, your most important guests can enjoy the game in home-away-from-home levels of convenience.

Seamlessly deployed and cloud managed for peace of mind

Always ensure your fans get a premium service. Chargifi are experienced masters of deployment, offering the best options to seamlessly integrate wireless charging into your spaces. Online dashboards tell you how your spaces are being used, and highlight any issues that can’t be fixed over the air. It’s as simple as that.

Get fans’ attention with sponsorship while charging

On average, a Chargifi user spends 45 minutes per charging session. This is a perfect time to engage with them, providing a new opportunity for sponsorship at the point of charging. Branding and sponsorship of the wireless chargers can provide a new way of creating brand-awareness value from spaces that have high volumes of footfall. This can also be highly targeted by demographics of those attending events at the stadium. Alternatively, they can simply be branded to match existing stadium branding and used to enhance fan experience.

Use Chargifi to enhance fan engagement

We don’t just provide convenient power. Chargifi’s APIs help you connect into your existing apps and software, enabling a host of actions which can be triggered to boost guest experience. For instance, help them find their seat (wayfinding), see when and where their friends have arrived, or interact with your brand and the brand of sponsors, sports teams, or events happening at the stadium.

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