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Keep guests connected with convenient power

Convenient wireless power helps guests stay connected during their stay and means they will gather in areas such as bars, cafes, and restaurants to charge up. Guests then stay longer, which means increased F&B revenue.

Chargifi SmartSpots are installed seamlessly by expert partners, with options to either brand or minimize the look and feel of the SmartSpots, depending on the environment.

Actionable insights on guest behavior

Powerful analytics and insights on guest behavior, such as location and length of charge, give insight on which areas of your hotel are being used effectively and can also drive traffic to under-utilized areas.

The Chargifi Cloud Managed Service, provided through a network for the industries best service providers, gives peace of mind that your charging service is always available to your guests. This means the network is constantly being scanned for issues, often which can be resolved over-the-air.

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Engage with your guests, boost guest experience

Smart wireless charging provides a unique digital touch point for engagement around a service that guests truly value.

By connecting apps or cloud software and blending customer data with behavioral data from wireless charging, a deeper understanding of customers can give valuable, actionable insights on how to personalize and enhance the guest experience.

Frictionless experience@2x.png

Frictionless experience

A fully integrated and frictionless experience for guests, driving app downloads as they use the app to unlock power. Wireless charging is a valuable amenity to high volume areas such as hotel lobbies, which are increasingly being used as a cafe-style environment.

Personalized experience for guests@2x.png

Personalized experience for guests

Chargifi SmartSpots identify when and where guests are charging.  Chargifi Analyze can support personalization by tracking guest behavior through SmartSpots, and Chargifi Connect can integrate with individual guest profiles, allowing hotels to deliver customized guest experiences.

F&B revenue opportunities@2x.png

F&B revenue opportunities

Chargifi SmartSpots with location based data integrate with apps to allow your guests to order food, drinks, and other services directly to their seats from their devices while charging, enhancing guest experience and driving revenue.

Space Utilization@2x.png

Space utilization

Chargifi Cloud uses Manage and Analyze to give insights on charging duration, location, and spot availability. This data can show which spaces are being used and can also be used to direct guests toward under-utilized facilities through the use of push notifications.

Smart meeting rooms@2x.png

Smart meeting rooms

Chargifi SmartSpots act as a trigger point for smart meetings, launching video conferencing, or customizing room lighting and temperature, all the while ensuring everyone is fully charged without the inconvenience of cumbersome wires.

Mobile Concierge and In-room personalization@2x.png

Mobile concierge and in-room personalization

Chargifi SmartSpots act as a digital touchpoint and trigger for a “Connected Room” and can be integrated into hotel systems that are controlled through a loyalty app. From lighting and heating to entertainment and room service, guests can use their phone to configure the room to their liking. Chargifi ensures their phone is powered up.