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Your guests want convenient wireless power so they stay connected. Brands that champion great guest experience are deploying wireless charging now, to meet the demands of today’s mobile-first generations.



Convenient power in your spaces

When a guest arrives at your hotel with low battery after a day of travel, they can set their phone down in the lobby to snack on power before checking in, allowing them to update their family or colleagues they have arrived safely. They can get their booking information, and, of course, post that vital Instagram Story of your beautifully designed lobby – all without having to unpack to find the power cable at the bottom of their suitcase or searching to find an inconveniently placed power socket.


A convenient charging experience leaves guests feeling looked after


Wireless charging is habit-forming – guests will keep coming back to you


Increase dwell time and footfall at your restaurant and bar


Smart integrations lead to seamless guest experiences

The hassle-free hotel bedroom

Your guests can say goodbye to remembering to bring cables or having to buy an overpriced adapter at the airport. Wireless charging reduces friction for your guests and seamlessly sets the scene for a truly relaxing hotel stay. With services such as the digital room key and online concierge, Smartphones are becoming the central control for bedroom functions. Convenient power is underpinning these services, now core to the guest experience.



Drive revenue in bars and restaurants

Well-placed wireless charging spots are natural gathering places for guests. Place them in your cafe or bar, and reap the revenue rewards as your sales are boosted by the increased footfall and time spent there.

A large hotel chain in Las Vegas saw their revenue per bar seat rise by 10% after installing Chargifi at their bar, with a 64% return over the initial terms of the deployment.


Unrivalled, cloud-managed support

We are experienced masters of deployment; offering the best options to seamlessly integrate into your carefully designed spaces. Access to analytics and insights show how your spaces are being used, all with the peace of mind your service is always working – it’s as simple as that.

With management taken care of you will save on service and maintenance costs creating a positive impact on your bottom line.


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more than

More than just wireless charging

More than simply convenient power, smart wireless charging connects into your existing technologies enabling more engaging experiences for your guests.  So if you want to offer something special to your business customers, smart wireless charging integrates to offer smart-booking, easy-check-in, and quick-start video conference calling solutions for your lobby, hotel and meeting spaces. This increases productivity and engagement for your guests, whilst consistently delivering convenient wireless power.


Smart, seamless experiences for your hotel

Easy check-in to spaces

Get to know your audiences

Engage with location-based services

Locate and navigate in your spaces

Targeted advertising

Quick start video conferencing

Personalized experiences

Send notifications to existing apps

Make your spaces amazing

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