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Freedom to move

An engaging workplace experience attracts and retains the best talent. Today’s employees want the freedom to be creative and the ability to move between spaces for different tasks. They need mobility, flexibility, collaborative spaces, and quiet spaces to work and think.

Experience-led companies are deploying wireless charging now to take advantage of this opportunity to delight their employees.


“The need for convenient power to stay connected is obvious, so it is vitally important for us to provide charging wherever and whenever for our members. Wires and cables are ugly so minimising them in our spaces is a huge plus”.

Owen Gregory, The Clubhouse

Chief Operations Officer



Power when it’s needed – an intuitive and seamless experience


Analytics and actionable insights into space optimization


Convenient and seamless experiences for a more engaging workplace

Convenient power enables a productive workplace experience

With convenient access to power, employees are able to remain connected and have full freedom to move seamlessly between spaces. This freedom is proven to improve productivity. Chargifi provides behavioral data and usage analytics with actionable insights to enable smarter decisions, whether you are an enterprise workplace or a coworking workspace.

Seamlessly deployed and cloud managed for peace of mind

We are experienced masters of deployment, offering the best solutions to seamlessly integrate wireless charging into your spaces. Dashboards tell you how your spaces are being used and highlight any issues that can’t be fixed over the air. It’s as simple as that.


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Connect into your digital workplace

More than simply convenient power, smart wireless charging enables seamless workplace experiences by connecting into your existing workplace technologies, so you can use your spaces more efficiently. What this means is that placing a phone down to charge, can trigger room or space personalization. For example, when integrated with a third party software, wireless charging can be used to identify a user, check-in to a space, launch a scheduled video meeting, or set their lighting and temperature preferences.


Did you know?

Our open platform enables you to use Chargifi SmartSpots to engage users by triggering smart
experiences that boost mobility and productivity


Time saved trying to book or check into a space


Save up to 30 mins looking for a meeting room


Save 8 mins starting a video
conference meeting

Smart, seamless experiences for your workplace

Easy check-in to hot desks and meeting rooms

Quick start video conferencing

Locate and navigate in your spaces

Engage with Workplace location-based services

Get to know your audiences

Targeted advertising

Send notifications to existing apps

Personalized experiences

Make your spaces amazing

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