Quick start video conferencing

Saves an average 8-10 minutes spent setting up technology at the start of the meeting. Start your video conference instantly by placing your phone on a Chargifi SmartSpot to charge.

Personalized quick start video conferencing

By integrating a workplace mobile app with an individual’s calendar a meeting can be triggered if a specific user places their phone on a SmartSpot in a meeting room where a video meeting is scheduled, allowing for a fully personalized workplace experience.

Quick start video conferencing

Start your video meeting instantly by placing any phone down to charge. This means no more hassle with conference calling equipment, dialling special numbers, getting screens displaying correctly, the meeting starts automatically. Chargifi Quick Start video conferencing integration syncs with your video conferencing room account & calendars to identify which meeting to start based on when the phone is placed and if a corresponding meeting is scheduled in that room.

Return on investment

On average it takes 8-10 minutes to organize and set technology up for video conferences. Chargifi’s quick start video conferencing reduces that time to zero. When just 30 seconds a day are saved by an average employee, Chargifi’s SmartSpots are paying for themselves, any further savings are pure added value.

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