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Easy check-in to hot desks & meeting rooms

A Chargifi SmartSpot has already paid for itself when less than half a minute is saved per day by an average employee spending time looking for a free space or trying to book or check into a space.* All time saved after that is pure upside. Simply placing a phone on a SmartSpot checks a user into a space, saving time and increasing productivity.

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Personalized check-in

By integrating with third party mobile apps, we can identify the exact user and check them into a space. Spaces can be booked for a pre-set time, or users can check-in to spaces on an existing booking booked through a meeting room booking application. When an identified user is checked into that space, they can be easily located by their colleagues for collaboration.

Easy booking

Check-in to meetings rooms and hot desks by simply placing your phone on a SmartSpot. Simply check-in to a space by setting a phone down to charge. The space is then booked for a pre-allocated period of time.

Return on investment

Just 30 seconds saved per employee per day pays for one SmartSpot; all savings after that are simply adding value for free.

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Chargifi provides convenient power as well as easy and intuitive
check-in for smart workspaces. This helps improve space utilisation efficiency identifying when a space is in use.

Joe Finlayson, Teem by WeWork

Head of Enterprise Technology

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